Morning Coffee #21: Be complete not perfect

Perfection is an idealistic concept that we chase but never fully achieve, for the moment we think we have, soon or later we find something else that sheds light on our tiny flaws.

Full self-acceptance. That is what I strive for. Highlight my strengths. Understand my weaknesses. Engage my opportunities. Brace myself for threats.

A complete person is one who knows himself or herself fully. The self is the body, spirit, and mind. The imbalance comes when one focuses way too much on one part and ignore the other. Or even worse, when one isn’t working on any of them.

I have seen an elderly Nigerian man wake up before his wife to make breakfast because she was too tired and needed rest. It felt like someone pulled a rug from underneath me then doused me with cold water. I had never seen this before until that moment. And I knew the man wasn’t just doing this for show because it came off naturally. Of course, when his wife woke up, she playfully chased him out of the kitchen when she saw that he had already gone ahead to begin lunch preparations.

Many claim to be spiritual but cannot sense things of the spirit. The more time one spends talking about what he is should tell you that he doesn’t spend enough time living it. Again, motivational speakers should be jailed.

I always make digs at motivational speakers because they always speak. That’s it. Speak. If you write a book about making money and I don’t see you practising the contents of that book, you are a fraud. Note that I didn’t say that I need to see you make money. I just need to know that you’ve tested your own ideas.

Physical fitness is less about looking good and more about letting your body withstand enough pressure and get stronger. After all, I’ve seen a man with a chiseled body struggling with his suitcase at the airport.

You are what you consume. Hence, when you wake up every morning, the Netflix “ta-duumm” should be your alarm tone.

More about consumption. Feeding the mind junk can be compared to feeding the body junk food. Now that the image is set, imagine what your mind would be like if it had a physical representation. I’m not judging though. I’m just sharing my thoughts.

Completeness as a lifestyle. I chase this for myself so my children have a foundation to build their lives on.




In one sentence: I write for the sake of writing.

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David Alagoa

David Alagoa

In one sentence: I write for the sake of writing.

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