Morning Coffee #22: The God of Money

There is something people who are able to get money have that most don’t. Now I’m not talking about those born into an inheritance but those who made theirs through whatever means. My guess is that they found a way to service a desire, which seems simple enough but knowing what people desire and getting them to pay for it is another ball game entirely.

The god of money demands you make sacrifices that will cost you things that many are not willing to part with. Hence, you cannot just say you want wealth. You have to bring something to the altar of finances and mint.

Do not let anyone who has never swum in an ocean before tell you how to fight sharks.

As an artist, you have the utmost duty to yourself to treat your craft as a religion and business. A religion because of your complete devotion. A business because of your indispensable value. A starving artist is one who has the devotion but hasn’t seen the value of his craft yet.

On speaking things into existence. Manifesting your dreams into reality. Unless you say them with enough conviction to the point you wholeheartedly believe them, you merely have words. And we all know empty words are nothing but coherent noise.

Sometimes you need to ask yourself this question; if you had to seduce yourself, how would you go about it?

Prolonged exposure to mediocrity will turn one mediocre. However, prolonged exposure to wisdom will not necessarily turn one wise as we are so used to not recognising and learning from things as they are.

I used to wish I was born into a wealthy home so that I could have learnt how to handle business ventures and power. But since I wasn’t, I have decided to keep playing with the cards I’ve been dealt until my hands are filled with good cards. Which means I always need to keep my head in the game and know when to call or fold.

In one sentence: I write for the sake of writing.