Morning Coffee #23: Trust the process then make adjustments

My morning routines are sacred. I wake up and try to gather my thoughts by asking myself a question and answering it as coherently as possible; today it was “if you could say anything with so much conviction that you begin to manifest it, what would it be?”, to which my answer was “be a king”.

I then check the time to see if I had enough rest or under-slept and get out of bed. Bathroom. Pick up the broom and sweep. Lay my bed, making sure no side has more sheets than the other, if you know what I mean.

As I get into the kitchen, I put some water on fire for my morning coffee, this morning I’m having ginger tea. As I sip my tea outside my house, I take deep breaths and look at the sky while thinking of what to write.

I don’t know what to write today but because I know that I get to do what I love doing, I settle down on my desk, fire up my laptop and begin typing away. I know this article will be written one way or the other as long as I’ve followed my morning routine.

The outcome is not completely in our control but the process usually is. I’ve learnt to focus more on how to get to the goal instead of the goal itself.

If Cristiano Ronaldo only depended on his talent, we won’t be talking about him a lot.

Recognising the destructive patterns in your life means you must be ready to admit that there are a lot of things you are doing wrong and mustn’t take it personal when you find out what they are.

A day of hard work can be ruined by one act of ignorance.

Nate Robinson got knocked out by Jake Paul and people had a great time making jokes about it. Laugh at those people’s mistakes and losses and you will be called a bully. It is easy to laugh at people taking on challenges and failing than it is to take on smaller challenges of our own.

I’m not the kind of person who gets scared easily. In fact, I have gone outside with a machete to chase after what seemed to be a person running on my mother’s roof in the middle of the night. There are only three things that scare me: children being out in the middle of the night, dolls with one eye, and birthday clowns. If any of these appeared to me at night, I will run off screaming my head off except for clowns. I will set clowns on fire for little or nothing while screaming till my voice is coarse.

Being right all the time means you haven’t been anywhere else and have refused to be anywhere else.




In one sentence: I write for the sake of writing.

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David Alagoa

David Alagoa

In one sentence: I write for the sake of writing.

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