Morning Coffee #7: Error! Unable to create original thought!

Many choose to rely on others for entertainment or enlightenment. Only for them to shut their eyes and vehemently reject the spotlight once it’s their time to perform.

I used to do spoken word poetry to get over my fear of public speaking. It turns out that not only was I good at it, I also found out it was less about speaking in public and more about getting the right response. My fears were based on external opinions. I won’t say I’ve overcome this though. I won’t sing in public and it’s not because I am afraid. I cannot sing.

Those excited screams ladies let out when they see each other at parties should be bottled up, rebranded and sold as steroids.

I wonder if Jesus was left or right handed. An extension of this thought; I wonder what hand He held the whip he used to drive away traders at the synagogue.

Loneliness is the result of saying no at the wrong time and saying yes to the wrong thing.

The fact that there are several books on financial freedom and yet a smaller number of individuals who have truly attained this, calls for an enquiry into what part of hell is into the publishing of such books.

Some days I drink gin so I can pretend to see through my problems. Other days I drink whiskey to not recognize them at all.

Your constant thoughts are a weird reflection of interactions you have with other ideas. Just when you thought you were original. Sorry.



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